Monday, January 30, 2023

Welcome To Satoshi's Echo


Whats up Crypto Nerds! Welcome to the brand new blog called Satoshi's Echo. This blog will introduce millions to the right rabbit holes that can help the globe understand Bitcoin and why its so important to preserve Satoshi Nakamota's vision. This blog will be solely devoted to Bitcoin, Crypto, Blockchain NFT's and the echo's of Satoshi's invention.

The creation of Bitcoin was angelic and a God send. However the idea of Financial freedom is causing more ripples than Satoshi could have ever imagined. There is war going on right before yours eyes and soon you will realize the revolution of Satoshi's Army.

Bitcoin is changing everything and this blog will help make sure we learn about these changes together. the Laws, the Taxes, the utility and everything we can use this technology for. Its disrupting the stock market, its changing video games and so much more. So join us as we follow Satoshi's Echo with a raised fist.

Satoshi's Echo is presented by the Mind of Meladik podcast in collaboration with Melodic Playground Radio. for more information Bitcoin and crypto info tune in to the podcast below.

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