Friday, March 15, 2024

Bitcoin Prices Jumps

During the holiday season the crypto market was moving at a snail's pace. Small talk, fear and politics had the community sentiment at a stand still. Most insiders and enthusiastic Bitcoin investors knew the world would soon wake up.

In less than six months, the price of Bitcoin has now sky rocketed from $25,000 to over $70,000.. burning fuel and closing in on new all time highs. Early Holders are thinking about cashing out.. skeptics are missing out. Elon Musk just purchased 7billion dollars worth. Black Rock and Micro Strategy are not far behind as they race to acquire seemingly has the green light.

In this Video below Cathy Woods explains what and why the halving is happening. Check out the video and more research.  This is the modern gold rush and the world wants you distracted.

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