Sunday, March 19, 2023

How To Buy Bitcoin

Do you have Bitcoin yet? Are you too scared to buy some or are you one of those people that literally have no idea where to buy crypto?

Well it's actually much easier than you think. It's very similar to adding prepaid minutes to a cell phone. Just like converting your dollars into V-bucks so your children can play Fortnite.

The reality is things in this world have value because a large number of people agree they do. Each nation has is own fiat currency but those currencies only retain value and demand because the governments force it upon us.

Money has evolved over time. History proves that these changes are better for society and Crypto is now part of that history. You don't have to buy crypto now to operate in the game of life but if you do you could be highly rewarded for it and have an opportunity to experience the metaverse, blockchain and web3 technologies before anyone else. 

If you are interested in learning more about Crypto you should sign up for Coinbase when you get a chance. After you create an account Coinbase will give you free crypto to learn about crypto. Simply watch a few videos and answer a few questions and boom, you are instantly rewarded Free crypto.

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