Saturday, July 1, 2023

Ledger Hardware Wallet

It appears that keeping your crypto on Defi Exchanges are becoming more and more sketchy each day. Meanwhile the government and major institutions are slowly and discreetly taking our cash away. The future of money is still unclear. One thing is for sure we are all anxious to find a ways to protect our money.

Some will talk about their Roth IRA, some will suggest buying gold. In 2023 many are learning about the benefits of having a digital, cold storage , hardware wallet.

The Ledger wallet is one of the most respected hardware wallets. It's basically like having a USB drive for money. You might see it like having Cash under the mattress. The Ledger can protect you from cyber attacks, exchanges hacks, defi crashes and more.

Everyone who is looking into Bitcoin and other crypto for the long term should consider acquiring a ledger hardware wallet.